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Welcome to the NEW!

The digital home for the LOUDEST & PROUDEST San Jose Sharks fans in the world, is finally complete, at!

After countless hours of coding, programming, and designing, We want to Welcome you to the new digital "clubhouse" of the Teal City Crew!

On our site, you'll be able to find everything TCC, including updates, event information, the newest Tank tested gear from the "Teal HQ" store, and even some cool features not found anywhere else!

Let's break down our website for you:

TCC Homepage

- Our sleek new homepage features what TCC is all about, YOU! Check out the video footage from the 2021-22 Season opener, photos from over the years, our blog posts, and Don't forget to scroll down, and sign up for our monthly "From The Reef" Newsletter!

TCC Fin Finder

- The first ever map of where to find fellow San Jose Sharks fans around the world. Fill out the form, and be added to the Fin Finder map, so you and other diehard fans can connect! This map is always free, and powered by YOU!


- Your key to enter to "The Territory". Check this out if you want to join us with individual or season tickets, our TCC On Tour updates, and more as our website develops. *You'll have to visit Teal HQ for tickets, as of right now.


- TCC Events are WHERE TO BE! Despite Covid-19 protocols, we strive for fun and safe events across the globe! Whether it's at the tank, a regional chapter event, or even just a watch party, this is where you'll get all your up-to-date information on where we'll be!

"Teal HQ" Shop

- "TCC HQ" is packed with awesome merch, as well as the newest merch drops! If you can't make it to games, this is where to grab the TCC #ForeverTeal scarf! Some items will be limited edition, so keep a close eye on those pieces, because once they're gone, they're gone for good!


- Find out the origins of Teal City Crew, who we are, and what we do. Also, check out future plans and ideas in the "Future of TCC" section! If you need to catch up on our fan code of conduct, it can also be found here.


- Get the scoop on EVERY single site we're on. From casual socials like Insta, to professional settings like LinkedIn or Flickr. We even go live on Twitch! Don't forget to join our Discord server for 24/7 chat rooms for Sharks fans around the globe! ---------

I'm so excited to bring this website to life for you all over the course of the year, creating 3 versions before this one, So I hope you can benefit from it's features! This site, much like TCC, is ever-changing, so make sure to bookmark it, share it with your fellow Sharks friends, and keep an eye out for new features, merch, and content all season long! Together, we swim #againstthetide of hockey tradition. If you have ideas, or want to create with us, please don't hesitate to email us:

See you in "The Territory, - Curt Silver, Founder Teal City Crew #AgainstTheTide
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