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10 Years in the Tank: TCC's 2024 Plans & Proposals

Can you all believe it? In the summer of 2015, Teal City Crew was formed by a group of 15 diehard fans, in both San Jose, and surprisingly enough, East Los Angeles.

In the 2024-25 season, we celebrate TEN years as San Jose's Loudest & Proudest.

Here are just a few things we have in store for everyone:

  • The LARGEST opening night March to the Tank ever.

  • Monthly watch party at various Bay Area bars. (We're looking at you, SF & Oakland!)

  • Exclusive merchandise with our yet-to-be-revealed tenth anniversary logo.

  • TCC weekend in January 2025, highlighting 10 years in The Tank.

  • Our first East Coast road trip (TBD)!

With a whole season of celebration, we're also using this opportunity as an open letter to the San Jose Sharks front office, urging them to let us help them get butts in seats, and help the Crew gather at a reasonable cost.

We're urging fans to take the Sharks' surveys at the end of the year, encouraging to support TCC in our big plans and ideas:

  • Special season tickets at an affordable cost. A "butts in seats" cost, that allows diehard fans to fill the top of 217-218 for every single home game in 2024-2025.

  • Promotional tie-ins with TCC, creating a greater community vibe with the Crew.

  • Help with the development of pregame tifos, including rigging in the section to hang from overhead.

In a multi-year rebuild the San Jose Sharks are currently in, we want to share our passion even more. In a time of empty seats and bad fan morale, we want to show them we are still, and will be #ForeverTeal.


With all that said, we hope to see every single one of you, sitting with us in the loudest section of the arena, all season long.

Thanks for always supporting TCC, fans.

- Teal City Crew

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