What is TCC?

Supporters club for all -

- Strong Language
- Civic Pride
- Unwavering Support

Founded in 2015, Teal City Crew is a global "Independent Supporters Club" of San Jose Hockey.
What does that all mean? Well for starters, we're independent. We are completely ran, financed, and developed by and for fans.
Second, we're a supporters club. Supporters clubs are known for their fanatical devotion and vocal support, creating an atmosphere
to intimidate opponents, while encouraging their own team and fellow fans.
And finally, third, we support all affiliated teams. Sharks, Barracuda, and any future ECHL affiliate, you feed our club with talent.
Our passion doesn't just stay in the stands. No, our devotion flows into the streets of San Jose, and anywhere we claim. 

Sharks Territory. Our civic pride is as strong as our team pride. Representing TCC in 12 countries, on 4 continents,
supporters culture for Sharks hockey is here, and here to stay.

History of TCC

Humble beginnings in...LA?

In January of 2011, Bay Area born/SoCal raised Sharks fan Curt Silver, launched Shark-Tank on Tumblr, a Sharks fans prospective blog, out of his bedroom in Burbank, CA. In 2014, the World Cup brought soccer fans together. Already a fan of US Soccer, he joined the American Outlaws, the global supporter club of the United States National Teams. After a few matches, he found himself with an opportunity to run his own chapter, out of Orange County, CA.
He saw something that summer and the following year. He loved the passion, dedication, and year-round support, whether they were playing or not.

He saw an opportunity to create something that simply didn't exist, a dedicated supporter club in an NHL arena.
So, in 2015, Shark-Tank was rebranded, and a new mission statement was written. It stated, “We are looking for San Jose’s Loudest & Proudest”. Since then, the Teal City Crew has brought fans together from across the globe.

In 2017, Curt moved to San Jose to follow his passion, and introduced "The Reef", the supporters section in the Tank, going to every home game with fellow members. Did we mention the road trips to LA/Anaheim/Texas/Vegas/Arizona/San Diego/Ontario?

Our goal was to bring fans together, wherever they may be. Goal was surpassed, and From humble beginnings of 5-6 fans
watching in an East LA B-Dubs, to TCC members in 22 states, 9 countries on 4 continents, TCC is a part of Sharks history.

What does the future hold?

The reef, road trips, and even more ruckus.

The beauty of teal city crew, is that the club is in the hands of its members. This changes, ebbs and flows,
with different needs every year. Currently, TCC is holding a ticket drive for members to become season ticket holders within the reef!
Coming in 2021, we will have more merch, orchestrated banner displays, chants, our very own marches to the tank, and so much more. We're also looking to hit the streets in volunteer opportunities, helping our neighborhood, and keeping San Jose awesome.
What we do know, is that we're gonna be loud. We're gonna be passionate. We're going to be loyal. We're going to be #Forever

LOYAL 'TIL Death. 'Til Death what we do. We stand together, we stand by our CREW.
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