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The Most important part of Teal City Crew is bringing fans together.
That isn't the easiest thing when you're a fan literally anywhere except San Jose.
That's where the TCC
FIN FINDER Comes in. 
Use this tool to:
- Find nearby fans in your area
- Start a new Regional chapter of TCC
- Find new friends to watch when you're out of town
- You're even able to be added to it, simply by signing up below!

More exciting features are always rolling out, so
stay connected with us,
and find out exactly when any new feature drops!

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MAP is best viewed in desktop Mode on mobile devices.

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Be added to the map!

Fill out this form to be added to the TCC Fan Connect Map!
Name and City is required, but anything else is optional.
Adding contact info helps other fans, from your area or visiting, find you,
to get together, meet at a bar, or simply make a new local sharks friend!


Thanks! You'll be added within a week! Don't forget to share with
fellow fans around the globe!

Last, but not least:
Please use this as an opportunity to meet other fans, and the examples above.
Don't ruin it by being creepy or desperately single.
If you find yourself being harassed, please reach out with screenshots to: INFO@TEALCITYCREW.COM
Teal City Crew investigate for abuse, and permanently ban anyone who uses TCC and our tools for Inappropriate behavior or tactics.