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A Thanks To Our #48.

What can we say about our Ninja Hertl?

Tomas Hertl came into the NHL at just 19 years old. Merely a boy, coming to the United States, knowing little to no English.

With a hole left by a suspended Raffi Torres, this was his time to shine. With his four goal game against the New York Rangers, he set the tone of the team for many seasons to come.

And in those years, Tomas has grown in front of our very eyes. From being that boy in his first NHL game, to a NHL veteran of 11 years, over 700+ games played, and most of all, an amazing father, husband and man, and we are SO lucky to have witnessed that 41 times a year.

Tomas, your unfiltered joy and passion on the ice is infectious. Your smile lights up any arena. You have no hatred, no matter the situation. The determination you left on the ice is commendable.

We can't thank you enough for everything you gave to the Sharks, our community, and our fans. We will miss you, no matter what.

You are and always will be #ForeverTeal.

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