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2021-22 Season Wrap - Thank you, Crew!

Updated: May 1, 2022

Well, it's about that time. Like 30 seasons before it, it's the end of the road for the San Jose Sharks, without the storybook finish. In a season where there was so much in the air: Post-Covid futures, coaching questions, locker room drama, and a Barracuda team who were bursting with talent. But that's for a sports blogger to talk about. This is all about you, the fans, and our season together. - Even before the season started, TCC was invited to join the Sharks front office and some barracuda players to march down Market St., celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community, in 2021 Silicon Valley Pride!

- Starting the season off right, the Sharks invited Teal City Crew to HOST the march to the tank for Opening day! We even introduced the new "BOOM BOOM SHARKS" chant, and was VERY popular.

- We kicked off the season in full force, banners covering the wall, having group photos in the 2nd intermission, and a lot of warm welcome backs, after the "extended wait" during the Covid bubble.

The season chugged a long, our website was updated and worked well, as we continue to add more features! That definitely isn't going anywhere soon. As for the future of TCC, we have so many great plans for the 22/23 season, and want you there with us! - TCC Summer BBQ (July 2022) - Silicon Valley Pride 2022 - Banner Paint Parties - Opening Night/March to the Tank - TCC On Tour planning (Czech Republic, LA, Anaheim, Tampa, Seattle, or Vegas) We'd love to thank the follow members of our community, for making Teal City Crew the club it has become - Briana Dominguez: The First lady of TCC, you've inspired us to keep going, through all the drama, stress, and dark points of the season. You're our rock.

Apache Serna: Without his guidance, support, and being a leader alongside when we need it the most, we wouldn't be as organized. Carlos Bazley & Gabrielle LaFrank: Carlos and Gabrielle have been the people when our founder, Curt, isn't. Banner raising, picking up banners, and just being overall reliable. Both of you are awesome, and thank you for your dedication to the club. Daniel DeGuardi: Daniel had to quickly fill some big shoes, as TCC's ticket rep. Coming from the Coyotes, He asked all the right questions, got things done, and is ready for the 2022-23 season with us! Neda Tabatabaie: The VP of Business Analytics & Technology, Neda has been a big fan of us and our success, and we can't thank her enough. Craig Banks: We lost you this season, and wish we had one more game with you. Jonathan Becher: A huge thank you to the President of the Sharks, who has let us "Do our thing", with minimal supervision/intervention all these years. Doug Bentz: The Chief Marketing Officer of the Sharks, he's invited TCC to events such as Pride, the March to the Tank, and opportunities. Last Round Tavern: Being a great spot, letting us do our thing, and serving great pizza! Rebecca Winslow: The greatest piece of videography made, gave us such a great start to the season, and can't wait to do more with you in the future! There's countless other fans and members of the Sharks staff that have been wonderful people, and supporting us, and we thank all of you too!

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