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Happy Anniversary: Six Years of Rocking the Tank!

Six years ago, a small blog called Shark-Tank set out to do something different. A club for fans, made by fans, all for the love of our team.

Little did we know, we would be where we are today.

- Over 600 scarves across 30+ states and 10+ countries

- Friends old and new

- 2 Marriage proposals

- 5 Tifo banners - Over 20 Sharks invasions in SoCal

- 6 newborns

- 5 photos on the ice - Over 30 trips across the country

- Funeral memorials

- A LOT of hugs

- 1 GIANT invasion of Vegas - And countless memories across these 6 years.

To every single one of you, members who have been here from the beginning, to those who just found out who we are, thank every single one of your dedication, hard work, smiles, support, love, and passion you've shared with us. Truly, thank you. You are all #ForeverTeal.

As we set out on our new year in an unusual fashion, we ask for that support to continue. We are trying to become something even greater, something even more meaningful. If you're interested in doing more with us, or if you would like to contribute anything, time, money, resources, etc., don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're ran by fans, for fans.

As we've always said, without you, there's no TCC. A huge shout out to these individuals who have truly cared and have taken so much of their time to make sure TCC is alive and well: - Apache: You have been a rock for us, from organizing, to doing what it takes to make TCC what it truly could be. - Briana: As the "First Lady" as so many have called you, you have been a great support system for us to keep going. You are the inspiration to keep going, and do better. - Ruben: OG TCC right here. From the get-go, you've been a great supporter. - Judy: You signed up before we even existed. You were ready to have fun and do what it takes. You've always been supportive online, and we love you. - Mike/Christine: You're the family with BIG hearts (and big mouths! haha!) that you display and proudly show off your team, and club. Countless meals made, jokes shared, and love given. - Andy: You're an amazing friend. You are passionate about your interests, including TCC, and have been here on this TCC journey for a long time. Glad to call you family. - Raudel: Without you, TCC wouldn't have gotten off its feet. You were our first ticket rep, and never told us no. You knew our vision, and kept us going. - Vinnie: You changed what it meant to be a chapter leader, whether in Texas or SoCal. You put in a lot of work, a lot of time, no matter what your schedule has been, you sacrificed. - Craig/Eric: What would we do without the twins? You guys have supported TCC since the first meetups. You've repped TCC even going to Allen, TX! You guys are amazing individuals, but even better brothers.

- Paul: Like Vinnie, you have been solid in SoCal. Your personality is magnetic to people, and we're so happy to have you putting in work with TCC SoCal. - Brad: You have been such a great member. You've been there for painting, putting up banners, helping at events, and gone out of your comfort zone for us. We're so glad to have you as a friend, a member, and a part of our family. - Chris J.: After Raudel, we were afraid to have a new ticket rep, who didn't see the same vision as us. You, like Raudel, were on board, and did what you could to make things happen. - Crystal: When we've needed help with supporters club insider info, you've been there for us. Hockey might not be your #1 sport, but you have given so much love to us. - Helen: What can I say. You have been so creative and supportive. You truly became a part of our family, and eager to put in work for the Crew. - Marco: Unser Deutscher Hai. Our German Shark. You have supported TCC across Europe, and even travelling here. Life is better when you're here for the weeks you stay. Thank you for being the biggest Sharks fan, and TCC Supporter in Germany. - Carlos: You have given so much time and love into TCC. When we needed help, you're there. When we needed to paint, you're there. When Curt couldn't make it, you hung the banners. You're so appreciated. - JC: Last, but absolutely not least. You were TCC's very first SUPERFAN. You've been our voice at the rink, supportive online and in person, and have always been the best friend I could personally have, and the inspiration to keep TCC going. - If you're not on the list, but have put in work and love....thank you all as well. You're appreciated, and it doesn't go unnoticed. If we tagged every single person who's made a difference, this would be longer than a novel. Thank you all, and we can't wait to make TCC even bigger and better. Here's to the next season and seasons to come!

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