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TCC territory is everywhere!

Sharks fans are in every corner of the globe. 
From the streets of San Jose, to the warm asphalt of LA. From The winding rivers of Oregon, to the everglades of Florida. Beyond that, fans reside in the Swiss alps, and deep in the heart of Tokyo.

In Teal City Crew's effort to unite san jose's loudest & proudest, we created Our Regional chapters platform, where locally organized groups that gather outside of the traditional market of San Jose, can thrive and be supported by fellow fans back "home".
no matter where you cheer on the boys in Teal & black, There's a potential chapter near you..

Check out the TCC FIN FINDER to locate your local chapter/fellow fans.

no TCC chapter in your region?
Use this helpful guide to get you started on forming one.

  1. First rule. Nobody is in this to make a personal profit. If that is your intent, don't bother even trying to start. TCC is also not your personal army. Don't advertise without the flagship chapter's permission. The integrity of TCC's "branding" depends on our partnerships.

  2. Find a local viewing location to watch Games in your area. Bars, restaurants, someone's huge backyard. It comes down to at least one dedicated tv and audio once a month.

  3. Fill out the contact form below, with your location, phone number, and We'll reach out to start.

  4. Create a Facebook page to organize. This is the simplest way to organize. We suggest creating a “community organization” page as it has all of the essential functions for local organization. Please make this a public page, so we can broadcast that you exist. In addition, we can help create a chapter page on the discord channel, specifically for your region! Let us know in the main discord channel.

  5. In order to become an official chapter, you must have at least TEN dedicated members. Although we will keep it as a community on the fin finder, it's challenging to maintain our standard across our smaller chapters below our threshold. Trust us, People will travel to meet fellow fans, try for a location in or near a major metropolitan area. Keep trying.

  6. Once you're formed, added to the fin finder map, and have a dedicated group, talk to us about regional merch, to help you get the tools you need to make your watch parties even bigger and better. Location-based scarves, tees, you name it, we have connections to get these made. You'll simply need approval, then bam! You got yourself a fully self sufficient chapter of teal city crew!


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