Use this interactive map to find Fellow fans across the globe! Included in the map:
chapters, Developing chapters, and members in rural areas

If you are a Sharks/Barracuda fan in a rural area, and would like to be added,
Please email: & include your name, city, and a photo, and we'll add you to our map, to possibly show other fans where you are!


One of the main purposes for Teal City Crew is to gather the "Loudest & Proudest", no matter where you
cheer on the Teal and Black. We currently host 5 major chapters, as well as many other developing chapters.
If you're not near one listed or placed on the map, start a new one!
Here are some tips on starting an official TCC Chapter!


We are always interested in working with people who want to contribute to spreading the love of the san Jose Sharks
in out-of-market locations. If you are interested in forming your own regional chapter, here are the guidelines.

  1. Nobody is in this to make a personal profit. If that is your intent, please don’t bother.

  2. Find a local viewing place to watch Games in your area. This means one dedicated tv, and audio once a month.

  3. Contact, with your location, your phone number, and We'll reach out to start.

  4. Create a Facebook page to organize. This is the simplest way to organize. We suggest creating a “community organization” page as it has all of the essential functions for local organization. Please make this a public page, so we can broadcast that you exist.

  5. In order to become an official chapter, you must have 10 dedicated members. Although we will keep it a sharks community, we wouldn't be able to put effort into 2-3 people in a rural area.

LOYAL 'TIL Death. 'Til Death what we do. We stand together, we stand by our CREW.
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