Welcome to the NEW TealCityCrew.com!

After many long nights of design, coding, and programming, it's finally here! The digital home for the LOUDEST & PROUDEST San Jose Sharks fans in the world, www.TealCityCrew.com!

Here, you will find everything you need TCC related! Let's break down our website for you: - Our homepage may be simple, but it gets you to where you need to go on our site, along with a few extras. Don't forget to scroll down, and sign up for our newsletter! - The TCC Fin Finder: The first ever map of where to find fellow San Jose Sharks fans around the world. Fill out the form, and be added to the Fin Finder map, so you and other diehard fans can connect! - Our About TCC page is ever-changing. From our history, to what we're planning for the year ahead, as well as our very important Supporters Code of Conduct, can be found here. - TCC Regional Chapters are getting reorganized, and we're ready to unite fans like never before around the world. Whether you're 10 diehards who meet up in a bar in NYC, or just 5-6 friends who crash the couch and watch on the big screen, organize with Teal City Crew to help you build your platform! - Events, whether online or in person, are what makes TCC who we really are. We shine at our events, and what makes us truly a unique fan experience. Find our map here, and find out when/where the next one takes place! - TCC HQ is coming back, for all your shopping needs! 100% of proceeds go DIRECTLY back into the fanbase, to charities, and necessary costs of our events/products. Our merch really makes us the self-sufficient organization it truly is. Expect first wave of availability by June 1st! - Sure, you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, but did you know there's a 24 hour chatroom where Sharks fans hang out, talk about movies and TV, play games online together, and even share cat photos? What about our LinkedIn? Or try and find yourself in our gallery of photos via our Flickr! Check out the Socials page for more! - Last, but not least, is where you are right now! Our Blog Page is the newest part of TCC. We're inviting fans to share their stories, write poetry about the Sharks, what TCC means to you, or even why you are a Sharks fan. Of course, we'll also use it for major announcements that are longer than a post or a tweet. We're really excited to bring this website to life for you all, and hope you benefit from it's features! The site, much like TCC, is ever-changing, so make sure to bookmark it, share it with your fellow Sharks friends, and keep an eye out for new features in the coming months!

- Curt, Founder Teal City Crew #AgainstTheTide

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