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 What’s the Teal City Crew?

 History of the Crew The Teal City Crew was founded in 2015 in Southern California by die hard Sharks fan, Curt Silver. Born in the bay area, but living most of his life 350+ miles from family, he became a fan of the San Jose Sharks, to regain his love for the bay. He went to his first game in 2006, and the San Jose Sharks launched his life into hockey. From there, he never missed a game in Southern California, and made the occasional trip to San Jose at the tank. In January of 2011, he created a blog, Shark-Tank, that brought him closer to the fans. He ran it for 5 years, off and on. In the summer of 2014, the FIFA World Cup happened. He was already a fan of the US Soccer teams, and joined the American Outlaws: Orange County chapter. He later became president of the chapter. He loved the passion, dedication, and unity felt at games both in a bar and live. He wanted to recreate that in an NHL Arena. So in 2015, he designed and promoted the new, “Teal City Crew”.

 The Teal City Crew is a NHL/AHL Supporter club, recruiting the most die hard San Jose Sharks and San Jose Barracuda fans across the globe. We unite Sharks fans wherever we are. When at home, we cheer for the Sharks in our designated Section 218, with our banners hanging, our scarves raised and chanting from the first puck drop to the final second. When away, we invade enemy arenas, doing the same! We have watch parties, community events, and so much more! We are a safe space to watch hockey, as we are FAR from being hooligans. Yes, we are rowdy, but have a strict policy on violence, hate speech, and slurs. We are LGBT+ friendly, and welcome ALL fans. If you would like to join us, please do so!

 The notion of “Supporter clubs” in hockey arenas aren’t new. In Europe, many arenas have exclusive sections for these super fans, where they wave banners, throw streamers and confetti, drink, and basically party for 60 minutes. Recently in the NHL, supporter groups have popped up here and there, both corporate ran and fan driven. There are currently many active groups in the NHL.
Tampa Bay - Sticks Of Fire SG
Los Angeles - Royal Army
Columbus - CBJ Artillery
Nashville - Smashville Proud
Ottawa - Red Scarf Union